Carpet cleaning

Rugs can generally be divided into two groups: carpets and rag rugs.

A rag rug can usually be washed in a machine and we can handle even the largest rugs. The price of the service depends on the weight of the rug.

Carpets can have several different properties – rubber-backed and adhesive-backed carpets, carpets with long or short fibres, etc. But the main difference is in the flexibility of the carpet. Typical carpets do not fit in a washing machine. The room size is what sets the limits for cleaning a carpet. In our case the limit is 12 m2. NB! Please bear in mind that we can always come to our client's premises and clean even the largest carpets.

The more information you have about the floor covering (manufacturer's information, care instructions, product sheet, etc.) the more action we can take regarding problematic stains and ensure a satisfactory end result.

Carpet Cleaning price list:

rag rug (kg) 6,9
carpet (kg) 6,9
woolen/synthetic carpet (kg) (dry clean) 13,2
shaggy rug (kg) 6,9
sheep-skin rug (kg) 22,8